Brief Summary of Residential Services



- Over 100 Residential septic system designs

- New Home Design

- Residential Design

- Custom Garages 

- Custom Renderings - Curious what your new home or addition might look like? We can render it!
- Ridge Beam & Roof Rafter Designs

- Site Plan Development & Planning

- Window Wall & Header Structural Designs

- Renovation Planning & Structural Assistance

- Pre-Closing Structural & Site Reviews

- Manufactured Home Construction reviews

- Manufactured Home Deficiency Evaluations

- Manufactured Home Assistance (foundation, site, etc.)

- Heavy Timber Design and Construction Assistance 

- Custom stair design and assistance. 

- Code mandated onsite leakage testing (blower door). 

- Onsite thermal imaging and heat loss evaluations. 


If you're looking to build a new home - either self-built or with a contractor - we have a developed relationship with many local lenders, builders and suppliers to make your new build as smooth-as-possible. Most homeowners don't realize that a new home built onsite is often times cheaper than a comparable modular.  Custom build provides unlimited owner flexibility, utilizes local resources and provides a tighter thermal envelope when complete. 


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