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It's always hard to describe a company, in an attempt to make it simple and honest, Our Story.


We began our journey as engineers, working towards what many think is a career, only to soon realize that our ambitions, commitment, and work, didn't translate into any form of equity. Call it crazy, but we're just young entrepreneurs chasing the dream. It’s nothing fancy, we don’t do big parties or golf outings, we just provide services that are fair.We want that to be different, we want to help the DIY home owner opening up a wall, help the small business, help the not-for-profit and help the struggling City. 

We're just normal, everyday sort of guys. We've provided professional design services on projects as small as a few hundred dollars, all the way up to 25-million dollar developments. We're self-performing - providing architectural, structural, electrical, HVAC -Mechanical and Civil Engineering related work in-house. Our simple small in-house structure enables us to maintain control of a design, ensuring continuity and quality control. We work with home owners, developers, businesses, contractors and many local municipalities. We often times know the Code Enforcement Officers and regulators, and have the developed trust to do what is right.


We are the guys answering the phone, making the copies, drawing the plans and executing the project. We aren't owned by an out-of-area firm, and we certainly aren't just a small sublet office. We're local, we live here, have families here and have a shared interest in not only seeing projects through, but working at rates that are reasonable and fair. One of our clients once said: "these are guys that show up to work everyday, and they're getting it done". 

In 2014, after nearly 60 years of service, we took over the highly respected firm of Norman J. Davies, Architecture. Most would recognize Mr. Davies work, from the many retail centers in Oneonta, Pathfinder Village in Edmeston, the former National Soccer Hall of Fame,  Red Apple Convenience stores, the SFCU network of credit union buildings and the many local Mirabito Stores; his work is vast and almost endless. We've maintained Norm's phone number, and rely on him for his advisory support almost weekly. We maintain his robust library of past designs and drawings, and would be happy to share them with his former clients if needed. 

We look forward to the future. We welcome opportunities, and offer help when needed.


Michael O'Reilly, PE                                        Daniel O'Reilly

Managing Partner                                           Project Engineer/Manager

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